Journal of Global Merit Management: ISSN 2411 – 6742

The Journal of Global Merit Management is approved and registered by The International Centre for the registration of serial publications – CIEPS based in France. (ISSN 2411-6742). It is published semi-annually. 

We accept only English articles. The journal focuses on practice instead of theory; we accept both practical and academic papers. 

We don’t have restrictions on article format: publishers can use any free format to submit articles, even though we recommend APA format for those academics. We accept articles from fields related to management studies.

Editorial Advisory Board

  • Prof. Dr. Ferguson Rea, Dublin, Ireland,
  • Prof. Dr. Perry Haan, Ohio, USA ,
  • Prof. Dr. Ian Murray Mackechnie, Melbourne, Australia,
  • Dr. Andy Ng, Perth, Australia
  • Dr. PeterChris Okapla, California, USA
  • Mr. Leslie Cohen, Washington, USA ,
  • Dr. Balbir Singh, Singapore,
  • Dr. Mohd. Salleh, Singapore,
  • Dr. Brian Kok, Penang, Malaysia,
  • Dr. Justin See (Secretary), Hong Kong
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