• The Global Merit Management Research Institute (GMMRI)

The Global Merit Management Research Institute (GMMRI) is the independent research institute established in USA. Our researchers carry out state-of-the-art research into complex problems of management in global context, in order to explain the causes of these problems, and to use that knowledge to create potential solutions. The GMMRI hosts researchers from business economics, management, education, and political science and public administration. The problems they study often call for a combination of knowledge and expertise from multiple disciplines, and for collaboration with societal relevant actors. GMMRI aims to create knowledge for society.

Typical topics under study at the IMR are:

  • the implementation of policies by enterprises and governments;
  • the decision-making by businesses about globalization;
  • the commercialization of a particular innovation;
  • the impact of international events and decisions by the goverments.
  • In addition, topics like sustainability, the environment, circular economy, and mobility can be found at GMMRI, as well as research on innovation and entrepreneurship, and on gender issues.


  • GGM Academy

The GMM Academy is a platform for all researchers to discuss developments in academia, share knowledge and expertise, and create an inspiring community. The Academy offers a programme of activities, like regular seminars on topics that are of interest to all researchers alike, such as scientific integrity, data management and career development. 

The GMM Academy conducts training seminars both in-house and public on the followings:

  • Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis Methods
  • Accredited Research Supervisory for Post Graduate Studies
  • Article writing and Journal Publication 

Finally, GMM Academy organizes the GMMRI Research Day, which  researchers  can present their work, or attend presentations by colleagues or guest speakers.